Compressors Turbines Ventilators Piping works , PVC , PPR , metal…etc. Water pump supply (Germany & Italia Manufacturing ) & installation for sewage, water treatment and other purposes.
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Submersible Pump


Electrical Lines – Sub-Stations – Electrical Cabins

Conductors And Electrical Cables For Energy



Power And Control Panels And Related Components

Cathode Protection Materials And Systems

Lighting Materials

Fire Alarm System

Our Company will guarantee a 24 hours connection to the Internet through the satellite. The service provided allows a downstream and upstream bandwidth selected form bandwidth table hence the monthly usage can always be increased with the increase of customers.

The service provided through the satellite includes the following main elements:

A full duplex, symmetric satellite link between the MOWR sites and earth.

Multiple Tier 1 IP transit connectivity, directly to the US and European backbones

24hrs/365 days service monitoring and customer care.

Point-to-Point connection. Will be taken after sites accomplished from Backbone order to ensure that CUSTOMER has the highest QoS CIR bandwidth on 2 ways link,

 OUR Company, installs advanced remotely software from Earth station for   Satellite coverage the IRAQ bandwidth monitoring with the following specification:

Broadband IP Backbone connectivity, point to point.

Flexible bandwidth allocation.

Full duplex, Simplex and Symmetric topologies

Upgradeable from 128Kbps to 2 Mbps

Global, Multiple Tier 1 IP Transit connectivity

24/7 Monitoring, Control and Customer care

Directly to UUNET, no intermediate hope.

  Latest DVB technology

Technical Specification for the Internet & Intranet System:

The standard services are available on KU-band and C-band used the satellite coverage the area with the following specification:

SCPC/SCPC service


With share and mesh service.

Our company can do any transfer data with internet and internet

Hi quality VOIP.

Clear videoconferences over internet and intranet.

BUC Type Cross-Polarization.

Onshore Civil Works

Construction Of Civil And Industrial Buildings

Assembly Of Modules And Prefabricated Constructions (Utilities)

Mechanical Maintenance And Repairs

Electro-Instrumental Maintenance And Repairs

Civil Maintenance And Repairs

Maintenance Of Hardware, Software And Tlc

Electro-Instrumental Assemblies

Assembly Of Telecommunication Systems

Prefabrication Of Piping And Supports

Construction Products And Articles

Metal Casts, Forging And Dies

Sheets, Strips And Profiles In Other Materials

Mechanical Components

Seals And Joints

Welding Tools, Materials

Our company carries out the transportation of people and goods. It owns a group of SUVs, container cars and refrigerator trucks, Trucks transporting oil derivatives under Iraqi conditions and controls

The number of trucks and SUVs is approximately 67, we can do transport to all areas of Iraq,

We have a garage for trucks and SUVs in southern Baghdad Includes a Maintenance workshop