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Arth Alsanam is an established group of commercial businesses operating throughout the whole of Iraq.


From construction to IT solutions , communicationselectrical , high and low tension and construction / mechanical supplies  we have been operating across the region for 15 years.







carried out by our company
  1. Supply lighting fitting ,cables, electrical pumps ,electrical components to SOC(south oil company-Basra)  since 1991-2003
  2. Supply electrical instrument to petrochemical basrah 1997
  3. Supply pump and electrical components to HARTHA power plant 1994-1999
  4. Supply electronic cards to SHUAIBA POWER PLANT 2001-2003
  5. Supply transformer and pumps to DEWANYA TIRES FACTORY 1999
  6. Supply electrical components to NAJEBYA POWER PLANT 1996
  7. Supply electronics instruments to Iron and steel factory/basrah 2001
  8. Supply electronics instruments & lighting fitting ,cables to paper factory BASRAH, 2000
  9. Maintenance work to Sewage Treatment Plant in Basrah university
  1. Installation and maintenance chiller cooler & package cooler Basrah university 1999
  2. Manufacture and supply plastic polymer pad to rain way Iraq at coast 1,450,000,000 ID since year 2000.
  3. Supply &installation fire alarm system to police office (Basrah,Nasrya,Dewanya,Babil,Muthana) 2004
  4. Maintenance chiller cooler to many forging company in basrah 2004
  5. Supply and installation 120KVA,60KVA to Ministry of health –Basrah 2005
  6. Supply and installation transformer 250kva to Ministry of health –Basrah 2005
  7. Supply and installation Hi-voltage 11kv to Shuayba power plant from Hyundai company
  8. Supply and installation VSAT system to IRAQ DRILLING COMPANY 2008-2014
  9. Supply and installation VOIP system IRAQ DRILLING COMPANY 2008-2014
  1. Supply and installation VOIP system to south oil company Basrah 2013
  2. Supply internet service and IT working to OILSERV company 2010-2013
  3. Installation water treatment system and construction work to Zubair Olympic swimming pool 2004
  4. Transport many goods and oil gas from basrah to Baghdad and other area in IRAQ 2003-2004
  5. Supply and installation communication &data transfer to IRAQ custom in all over Iraq.2007-2010
  6. Supply PVC&uPVC to many company in Iraq
  7. Supply many construction tools to some foreign oil company in IRAQ 2014-2014
  8. And many other supply and working service to many company .
  9. Supply pump & submersible pump


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